Why are german teens showering together in school

Is the world safe?? The fathers mostly dart in and out and only in the changing area and not the toilet or shower area except for one man always sitting the entire time right looking at the shower room and going into the shower room and when my kid goes into the toilet to get away from him that is when he goes there too. Halb so wild, as they say. Singapore Mandarin, English - [Singapore]. What might be the motivation for those Dads to hang around there?

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Not necessarily because we're prudish or 'ashamed' of our bodies, but just because it's a bit weird.

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Girl Football Team Taking A Shower Together After Training

It was the basement pool of a physical therapy center, so changing room space was limited. He complained to my daughter yesterday that he was making his daughter slower as my daughter was waiting 20 minutes for him to get out so we moved to the toilet area, and when he came again afte us there to fill up some water bottoe or something we just left our stuff in that room and exited. A woman showered naked in front of her boy who looks to be 8 years old i. To make an analogy, many children are not too keen on going to school when it's their first day, but they soon get used to it. Send words, with your contact details, to sbaldwin smh. Register a new account. I noticed that some posters used the term "communal shower" in a more restrictive sense than I had in mind; or perhaps I used it incorrectly.

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why are german teens showering together in school
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why are german teens showering together in school
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