Bruno s ass in eminems face

R76 sums it up best. Do you really think he couldn't have pushed or grabbed Cohen off of his face? Common sense R, would dictate that all Eminem had to do was cock his head to one side to avoid getting caught in Bruno's headlock. And Em's reaction is priceless. You can't possibly believe either one of them is straight. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip.

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Which brings us to the biggest question of all:

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Great tv. Bruno''s ass on Eminem''s face.

Why is Eminem so humourless? I can't wait to see what Chelsea Handler and the round table is going to say about this! Emenem gave a great performance. Eminem's new CD had overwhelmingly the best opening of any CD of the year. Pray for Karaoke generation. Eminem and Sasha Baren Cohen are both repulsive and repugnant.

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bruno s ass in eminems face
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bruno s ass in eminems face
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